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Since October 2008


Water treatment plant in Tecolotlán, Jalisco, for “Las Trojes” community.  Capacity of 0.5 LPS.  Under construction.  2008.


CE.IN.JU.RE. Plant in Autlán de la Grana, Jalisco. Capacity of 2.5 LPS. Finished in 2008.


San Gerónimo Plant, in San Martín Hidalgo, Jalisco. Capacity of 2.5 LPS. Finished in 2008.

Galería Fotográfica Interactiva

Atapaneo Plant, in Michoacán, Mexico. Capacity of 18.0 LPS. Finished in 2006.

Galería Fotográfica Interactiva

Plant in La Barca, Jalisco. Capacity of 100.0 LPS. Finished in 2006.


Plant of 10.0 LPS for a housing development named “Altus Bosques” in Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, Jalisco. Finished in 2006.


Plant for  a housing development named “Villas de la Hacienda .  Capacity of 12.0 LPS where a softeness system was installed. Finished in 2005.


Tiripetio Plant, for Morelia, Michoacán with 12 LPS capacity for Iron, Manganese and hardness elimination. Finished in 2004.


Test Plant operation during 2004 and 2005 to determine the most adequate treatment process between the intersection of Santiago River and Verde River where the “Arcediano Dam” will be built.


  Magdalena, Jalisco Plant for well water. Capacity of 20.0 LPS installed in “Del Cementerio” and “Cañita”. Finished in 2002.

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